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Vote! – Your way of life and how you run your business could depend on it.

By Andrew Shamrao

While I’ve decided to vote for Hillary Clinton already, because she’s a woman and therefore, a sign of inclusion and (hopefully) a good role model for my daughter, I was hoping Clinton would have convinced me by the final debate that she’s a presidential candidate worth considering.  She didn’t.

I still see that she has an opportunity to leverage the Republican divide to achieve great things.  I hope she does.

Voter registration is said to be at an all-time high – around 200 million, however, that doesn’t mean everyone will vote.  If I were on the fence about voting for Clinton, or voting at all, I would need a good reason.  If you’re going to vote and know who you will vote for, post your thoughts about why, to help those who are on the fence make up their minds about which candidate can serve this country better.  Please post your opinion with kindness.